Fast Tag Or Fastag is an electronic Toll collection on Toll Plaza all over India. It can be recharge through  Credit/Debit card, internet banking, Or Through UPI Payments apps. After Recharge everyone has a need to check the fast tag Balance as the fastag wallet is linked to the Bank account. So, after registering or after buying or recharging fastag One has to know How To Check Fast tag Balance. So, here i am going to show you the various Fastaa portals to check their balance.

Below  we are going to discuss fasttag Balance Check in different portals such as NHAI, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Paytm, and in My Fastag App.

NHAI Fastag Balance Check:

You can Check All the Fastag Portals List By Clicking Here by which you can Apply Or Check Your Fast tag balance.

How To Check Fast tag Balance

If you have purchased fastag using operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) i.e NHAI Fastag then there is an easy way to get the fasttag balance by just giving miss call from your registered mobile number to +91 88843 33331. This is a 24×7 Service provide by National highway Officials.

The easiest way to find out your fastag balance is when you use the fatsag at any tool you will get the transaction message then it will give you all the updated amount remaining in your fastag wallet.

Step By Step SBI Fast tag Balance:

fast tag balance

  • If you are an SBI Fastag Holder you just need to login SBI Bank Fastag Portal or by typing
  • Then it will take you to the homepage of fastag by login in with your id and password.
  • Then it will take you to your fastag profile through which you can click on my fast tag balance.
  • Last it will show you the remaining balance at your request.

Step By Step ICICI Fastag Balance:

  • If you are an ICICI Fastag holder then you can go to the web page by Clicking Here .
  • Select Account Type> Login And Password> Account Details.
  • Once You Enter into the account details you will find out your remain balance for fastag.

Step By Step HDFC Fastag Balance:

  • If you are an HDFC Bank Fastag Holder then you just have to go to the Link then it will redirect you to official HDFC fastag page.
  • Then you need to type the login details such as ID and password then it will take you to the Your Fastag Profile.
  • By Clicking on my profile, you can see all the details including your fastag balance.

Step By Step Paytm Fast tag Balance:

  • Paytm users can Click Here. 
  • Which will take you to the paytm fastag portal where you can scan the QR code from your mobile or you can easily login with your ID and Password.
  • Which will take you to the fastag profile where you can find out all the details including the fastag balance.

Step By Step My Fastag  App Balance:

In this, I am going to show you how to check fasttag balance using My fastag app.

  • Firstly download the My fastag app from the android play store or from the IOS store.
  • By Clicking on the login page which is on the right side which will lead you to enter your login details and make you enter into the profile portal.
  • There you can easily find out the existing details such as payment history and the balance too.

Fast tag Or Fasttag Or Fastag is digital payment transactions to increase the transparency in toll collection. The ministry has ordered all the national highways to be declared as Fastag compulsory. In each direction, one line will be hybrid means there will be cash transaction lanes in each road lane. One Nation One Fastag Rule should be implemented from Dec 1, 2019.

Fast tag: One Nation One Fastag

According to the Government mandate, all lanes of fee plazas on National Highways except one lane have been declared as Fastag Lane of the fee plaza. As a result, waiting time in Fastag lanes has significantly reduced. However, the waiting time in the hybrid lane which accepts cash has increased because of non-Fastag vehicles.

The automated IT system of collection of fees through Fast tag provides for discounts for up-and-down/return journeys through toll gates.  Fastag related issues and complaints at fee plazas of National Highways (NH) are addressed through a central NH Helpline Number 1033. Most of the complaints are resolved instantly by the customer executive. Other complaints are forwarded to the concerned regional office of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and banks for necessary resolution.

If You Want To KnowPunjab POS List Then Click Here.

Apart from 1033. 24 participating banks of the Fastag program also have their own dedicated customer care helpline to cater to complaints of the respective customer base. In view of the increasing number of NH stretches and NH fee plazas. NHAI has also strengthened the capacity of NH Helpline 1033 to cater to increased call volume.

Fast tag Banks Customer Care Email ID List:


fastag customer care emails

If You Want To BUY SBI Fastag From Flipkart Then Click Here

Here you will get all the fastag related bank’s customer care Email Ids Such as Axis bank fastag customer care, Idfc fastag customer care, SBI fastag customer Car, kvb fastag customer care and so on.

 Call NHAI  Helpline Number For The Following Reason:

fast tag

You can also dial the National Highway(NHAI) Helpline Number 1033 for the following reasons:

  • In case the Tage reader Does not read your fastag.
  • If the Amount Get Debited more than one time.
  • In case the toll plaza does not issue you the Monthly Pass for fastag.
  • In case you have lost/stolen your tag or get damaged.
  • need any further Information On fastag.
  • Or any other fastag related complaints.

POS Point Of Sale Service in India has become one of the fastest services provided in all the different services provided by the Indian government. Basically Fastag is an electronic-based payment collection system through which toll plaza users or customers can easily get access through without waiting in the long queues and not wasting so much time as well.

Fastag Point Of Sale In Punjab State:

point of sale

POS Point Of Sale authorized fastag service providers all over India which details were given below with that you can easily get all the detailed information such as an address, e-mail, and mobile number as well.

Likewise, if you want to see the POS station of Delhi and their related cities Then Click HERE.

In Punjab State, we have a fastag service provider in all the fastag toll plaza are in the following cities Punjab, Amritsar, Bathinda, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Ludhiana, Mohali, Nangal, and Rupnagar.

In all the cities provided, we have 21 POS to buy fastag cards offline.

The Point of sale station provided below with their address, Pincode, mobile number and email IDs.



Point Of Sale Station Punjab List:

In Punjab Fastag you will get 20 Fastag Agents which were authorized by the government of India and you will get all the details of the fastag agents such as Name, mobile number, address, and email ids.

First Give call a missed on 8884333331 from Registered Mobile number with the  Free of cost  Balance Enquiry of NHAI Prepaid Wallet.

For Furthur details regarding NHAI Fastag CLick HERE

How to link NHAI Fastag with NHAI Prepaid Wallet using My Fastag App?

Below are the steps to be followed to link your NHAI Fastag with NHAI Prepaid Wallet:

  • Download My Fastag App from Google Play Store.
  • Open MyFastag app-> Select PAYMENTS.
  • Vehicle Registration Number without -> “Want to create an NHAI Prepaid Wallet”.
  • Enter giving gap-> Click on Login-> Enter the OTP-> click on SUBMIT.
  • Details for Vehicle and Name, Mobile Number, Email id will be confirmed.
  • Enter the identification type and ID no for completing KYC using 0TP> Enter OTP.
  • Submit to proceed with consent that the Prepaid wallet will be created.
  • Will the Security deposit Class of vehicle and allow > WIll take to the payment page.
  • Show the amount per entering load amount.
  • Submit will call the Payment options and on selection, Payment Gateway will be called.
  • On completion of payment Confirmation, the page will appear.
  • Your NHAI Prepaid wallet will be created / tag will get linked to wallet and tag is ready for use.

Under the One Nation One Fastag” scheme, the NHAI is trying to get states on board so that one tag can be used seamlessly across highways, irrespective of whether it is the state or the Centre that owns/manages it. Recently POS Haryana signed MoUs with the Centre to accept Fastags in state highways as well.

Don’t Wait, Don’t Stop on any fastag toll booth. Cross the booth like A Boss. Use Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) approved by N.H.A.I and the central Government. Sources said that the state public works department has sent a file on implementing the Fastag system to the Some Sources have been said that the requirements of fastag have been sent to the Chief Minister Of Haryana for considering the fastag in the whole state to implement.

Fastag had been conceived of India as a complete, digital, cashless alternative to the cash-based national highways toll payment and collection system prevalent all these years. Union Minister for Roads, Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari had announced last year that tag would become mandatory and completely replace cash-based toll payments December 1, 2019, onwards. As the public was not ready after the sudden announcement, the ministry later extended the deadline to buy and use it to December 15, 2019, and which has now been extended till January 1 5, 2020.

Haryana POS List With All Details:

 POS Near Me POS Near Me

Want To Know Maharashtra POS List Then Click Here


Highway Toll Plaza Receipt Details:

fastag toll plaza

National Highways Authority of India
Panipat Jalandhar NH-1 Tollway
Toll Plaza:Karnal (KM111.000 on NH-01)
Section: 96.000KM-206.000KM On NH-01
BST-06AAMCS187961ZL, SAU-996/42
Ticket No : 580E5F800xxxxx
Booth & Operator: 32 & 00592
Date&Time 01.02.2020 16:32
Vehicle :7000
Vehicle: No.
Type of Journey: Single
Rs : Rs 125
Pending 0
Only for Overloaded Vehicle
Standard Weight of Vehicle: 12000 KG
Class we19nt of vehicle 0 KG
Actual Weight of Vehicle 1150 KG
Overweight Vehicle Fees Rs 0
All toll payments via Fastag ONLYa
W.e.f. 15th December 2019
Wish You Safe & Happy Journey.

Without Fastag you will get this type of payment receipt

Nhai Highway Toll Manual Information Click Here

Benefits Of Using Fastag By Using POS:

  • From 1st December as per the rules of RTO, it is compulsory for all 4 wheelers or heavy vehicles or else pays penalty.
  • Customers may place a request to either close the RFID Tag or Wallet. Suspend Request: To place a request for a temporary closure of the RFID Tag and Wallet.
  • Saving of Money, Fuel and Time.
  • First time in the history of Road Transportation 7.5% Cash Back on all Toll Booth.
  • Fastag is having own lane at all Toll Booth Pan India with the name of ETC.
  • You can easily find out Fastag POS Near Me.
  • Easy to recharge your Fastag wallet through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and IMPS.
  • Receive SMS on the spot at the time of crossing any Toll Booth.
  • In future government will make this process compulsory so why don’t you start today.
  • Know the Fastag status is made easy by the NHAI.
  • Get Your Fastag through My Fastag App Or buy it on Amazon.

A Fastag bought from one bank can be recharged through that particular bank only and not through other banks. However, tags sold/distributed by NHAI are bank-neutral as one can use any bank account to recharge/top up the value in the tag. A copy of the vehicle registration certificate and photo of the vehicle owner and KYC documents are enough to get a Fastag from NHAI, said officials. Banks may seek certain additional documents. The tags issued by various banks are available at e-commerce portals like Amazon and Paytm.  27,000 points of sale have also been set up by 22 banks and the National Highways Authority of India. Fastag Chandigarh Will have one fastag agents in Chandigarh/110033 we will discuss all the related details such as mobile number, email id, and full address.

At NHAI counters, set up in Road Transport Authority offices, transport hubs, bank branches, and selected petrol pumps, the tag was free until December 1.

Vehicles entering Fastag lanes without Fastag will be charged twice the toll amount.

If You Want To Buy Fastag Monthly Passes then Click Here

Chandigarh POS List With All Details:

toll plaza fastag chandigarh



You can also obtain fastag at Chandigarh Highway at any Toll plaza fastag where you will find out many fastag sale points by the related banks.

Fastag NHAI Toll Tag Wallet Statement:

fastag toll plaza list

The above image, you can see the Number of charges deducted at the time of fastag toll plaza exit.

If you want to know POS Point Of Sale Haryana Then CLick Here

NHAI Dappar Toll Plaza Charges:

road tax in chandigarh

Road Tax in Chandigarh has been the same before the usage of fastag. No changes in Chandigarh highway toll plaza fastag. You can get the data easily in the above payment receipt.

National Highways Authority of India M/s GmR Ambala Chandigarh Expressways Pvt Ltd. Toll Plaza Name :DAPPAR TOLL PLAZA at[Km 23+080 on NH-152 (OLD NH-22)] [Km 5+735 to 39+960 on NH-152 (OLD NH-22,. [Km 00+000 to 0+871 on NH-105 (OLD NH-21, Ticket No. :205086352 Booth & Operator No :LA02 Txxxx Date & Time :31/01/2020 15:41:43 Vehicle No. :[HR857472] Type of Vehicle :Car/Jeep Type of Journey :Fastag Compl. S) Fee . P40.00 “Non Compliance Charges: P 40.00

only for overloaded vehicle, Standard Wt.of vehicle : 0 Kg. Actual wt. Of vehicle: Kg. Overloaded vehicle Fees:? 0.00 Total:t 80.00
All Toll Payments via FASTAG Only W.e.f 15 Dec 2019 WISH YOU SAFE & HAPPY JOURNEY!


All these details are only for information purposes.

You can Purchase Online through These were earlier launched by IHMCL, NHAI. Fastag is an electronic-based payment system for vehicle users while using highways for paying toll taxes bank is pre-assigned to the Fastag at the time of purchase by a customer from a Point-of-Sale. Fastag India had been conceived a complete, digital, a cashless alternative to the cash-based national highways toll payment and collection system prevalent all these years.

Maharashtra POS List In Fastag India With All Details:

Point of sale in Maharashtra has in 3 different cities such as Buldana, Kolhapur, and Pune through which you easily buy from the authorized fastag dealers. Fastag toll or Toll collection in highways can be very hectic when the time of heavy usage of vehicles and time taking process. You can Easily Find the Fastag pos near me easily with this list given below.

Want To Know Punjab State POS List Then Click Here

There are a total of 5 fastag Dealership addresses with their pin code, mobile number and included email.ID.


fastag india


HDFC Fastag Charges Offer you to get 100 rs as a first charge on the bank.

To know more about Hdfc fastag promo code you can go to the ICICI Bank Website.

It also offers you to give 5% cashback offers if have done transactions using HDFC Bank Debit/Credit Card.

And an additional 2.5% on every transaction at the national highways Fastag toll plaza.

How to Recharge fastag Using Phonepe App:


hdfc fastag promo code

  • Google Pay fastag is one of the easiest methods to recharge. Just Follow The Steps Below
  • Open Google Pay App.
  • Select the send option.
  • Enter the VIRTUAL ID in the below mentioned.
  • (format>> Enter amount>> Click “Send now”.)
  • netc.Vehicle Number @ Required Bank
  • Example netc.Ts01BQ12345
  • Enter UPI PIN &Tag gets recharged.


HDFC Debited Messages After Using Toll Gate:


2:21 PM
Rs 2500.00 debited from a/c **1270 on to VPA netc .HR26DJxxxx@hdfcbank(UPI Ref No 9260380xxxxx). Not you? Call on 18002586161 to report
HDFC CC Offers Credit Score.


Benefits of Fastag:

  • You can avail of a cashback up to 7.5%* which is different banks are providing with low rates/charges.
  • Fastag India is Run by the NHAI. So, the National Government will issue some more benefits for the users.
  • SMS and Email Alert of Transactions Customer will receive SMS & Email alerts on his registered mobile number / Email address for all the transactions done in his tag account.
  • Web portal for customers. Customers can access their statements by logging on to the Fastag customer portal.
  • Emergency roadside assistance for your fleet drivers.
  • Saves Fuel and Time Fastag are read by the tag reader at the plaza and the toll amount is deducted automatically when the vehicle approaches the toll plaza. The vehicle with Fastag doesn’t need to stop at the toll plaza for the cash transaction.
  • Online users can recharge their tag account online through, Credit Card/ Debit Card/ NEFT/ RTGS or Net Banking.
  • Prepaid Toll Pass No need to carry cash. The customer doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash for the toll payments.
  • Accidental death cover of Rs. 1,00,000. Accidental death cover of Rs. 1,00,000 to all your on-duty drivers while driving the vehicles.

Digital payment collection at Toll plaza i.e Fastag toll collection system has been set more than 527 national Highways in the country. Fastag Delhi NHAI Fastag can be purchased from all the national highways plaza, oil stations, concerned banks and at Amazon website. Fastag Point of sale station which can be found in all the states of India.

Point Of Sale In Fastag Delhi:

Fastag point of sale near me can be searched in my Fastag app or in the official NHAI WEBSITE  by just typing your state, city or by just typing your Pincode. Fastag POS near me in Delhi State With given all the details of Agents Full address with Phone number and email ID.

fastag Pos near me delhi

We have gathered Fastag point of sale station from all the reliable sources to find out all the Fastag Delhi including all the states through which it will ease you to find and get or recharge or login Fastag easily and get the Fastag agents.


Fastag Delhi Point Of Sale(POS):


fastag agents point of sale

Here you can get all the details which were released by the Central Government of India and NHAI such as Fastag agents, Toll plaza near me and Fastag POS near me with their area Pincode, address, email and mobile number that can ease you to find out your nearest Fastag Toll plaza list.

First Give call a missed on 8884333331 from Registered Mobile number for free Balance Enquiry of NHAI Prepaid Wallet.

NHAI toll Plaza list is included all the ICICI Banks you can search at the Link  Given. So, by using ICICI Fastag registration you can get your Fastag easily.

You can buy Fastag by using My Fastag App or by purchasing it on Amazon Website.

Besides You Want To Know How To Do IDFC Fastag Login Then CLICK HERE.

Documents Required:

The required documents, while you are going to the Fastag POS station, are as follows:

  • Owner Vehicle With Vehicle Registration Certificate(RC).
  • Pan Card and Aadhar Card for address.
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • Bank account if required.

Benefits Of Fastag:

  • It makes you save fuel and time by minimizing the time of lagging traffic at Toll plazas and make you easier to pass through toll plazas.
  • It gives message alerts all over the time as you pass through the toll plazas.
  • It makes you an easy transaction and you get detail information on how much money got expenditure on tolls.
  • You can easily recharge online such as net banking, Credit/Debit Card, NEFT and UPI payments.
  • No need to carry cash all the way long.
  • Not Only Cash Less Transactions Customers can get offers from all the Fastag service providers.

How To Surender / Return Fastag:

  • In case you want to surrender/ return the Fastag you need to give a written request form such as cancellation/ surrender or closure of tag with existing tag.
  • If in the case of damage or any other concern one should reach the nearest POS and return to take a new one.
  • If the customer dies the legal heir has to claim the refund among all the related documents such as death certificate, etc.
  • In some cases, the fastag will get stolen. So, in that case, one has to call the customer care number and block the tag calling with a registered number.

All in all, while the move has been enforced with noble intent, its enforcement has been too hasty and unplanned. Likewise, customers are likely to take time before they actively adapt to the change, and the government too will hopefully be considerate of the people’s limitations and their need for more time. Thus, the government may also introduce newer avenues and channels soon to educate the customer and ensure that Fastags are readily purchased and used by all frequent national highway users, to say the least.



FASTag (chip) lanes from 1 December 2019, seamless traffic and present congestion at toll plazas. It is also a part of the Centre’s plan to promote digital payments at toll plazas and national highway. To ensure seamless traffic and prevent congestion at toll plazas, the government has decided to declare all lanes at the toll plaza on national highways as ‘Fastag lane‘ from December 1, 2019. After December 1, Non-Fastag users will be charged double the fee if they pass through Fastag-only lanes. We will discuss the Kerala Fastag below in this post.

Using Fastag, one can make the journey hassle-free as there is no need to carry cash or stop at toll plazas One can recharge Fastag through Credit card/Debit Card/ UPI If you are living within 10 km from the toll plaza you can avail a concession by submitting a residence proof. Kerala Fastag Collaborating with all the related banks to issue the fastag as soon as possible to make it easy and convenient.


Want To Know Fastag Toll Plaza List Click HERE

Kerala POS List With All Details:
kerala fastag

Kerala Fastag Point Of Sale (POS) List:

Here We are providing you the detail information of Kerala state-authorized point of sale agents list with their address, email, & phone number.


To Know Complete Chandigarh Point Of Sale or POS Near Me List Click HERE.

How To Recharge Monthly Fastag Pass:

All Fastag Users Have To Recharge Them Local Monthly Pass As Per Below Instruction On Every Month.

Login -NHAI Website

Select –

  • Fastag monthly pass.
  • Select plaza – Example Paliyekkara toll plaza(select your local toll name).
  • Enter – Display – captcha.
  • Enter – Tag id or vehicle registration no.
  • Select – Vehicle registration no.
  • Select –  Activation start date (1st of every month).
  • Select the pass type – Monthly pass. Select pass scheme – Regular and check local fees.
  • Select – Continue.
  • Enter – Email-id.
  • Select – I agree.
  • Select – Continue and pay.

kumbalam toll plaza


National Highways Authority of India Guruveyoor Infrastructure Private Limited Thrissur – Kumbalam Toll Plaza
(Km. 270/000 to Km 540/000 an NH-544) Contractor OIPL Ticket No. 0320191019131xxxxx Booth Na. 03 Operator TC000106 Date & Time 19-10-2019 13:13,01 Vehicle No. 86xxxx1
TYPO of Vehicle LMV TYPO of Journey SINGLE Fee(RS) 75 Only for Overloaded Vehicles Standard weight of Vehicle 7875 (Kg) actual weight of Vehicle 0 (Kg) loaded Vehicle Fee(Rs) 0 All toll payments vie Fasteg ONLY v.e.f. 1st December 2019 7 Help Line No.8129255666 HAPPY JOURNEY