Fast Tag Or Fastag is an electronic Toll collection on Toll Plaza all over India. It can be recharge through  Credit/Debit card, internet banking, Or Through UPI Payments apps. After Recharge everyone has a need to check the fast tag Balance as the fastag wallet is linked to the Bank account. So, after registering or after buying or recharging fastag One has to know How To Check Fast tag Balance. So, here i am going to show you the various Fastaa portals to check their balance.

Below  we are going to discuss fasttag Balance Check in different portals such as NHAI, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Paytm, and in My Fastag App.

NHAI Fastag Balance Check:

You can Check All the Fastag Portals List By Clicking Here by which you can Apply Or Check Your Fast tag balance.

How To Check Fast tag Balance

If you have purchased fastag using operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) i.e NHAI Fastag then there is an easy way to get the fasttag balance by just giving miss call from your registered mobile number to +91 88843 33331. This is a 24×7 Service provide by National highway Officials.

The easiest way to find out your fastag balance is when you use the fatsag at any tool you will get the transaction message then it will give you all the updated amount remaining in your fastag wallet.

Step By Step SBI Fast tag Balance:

fast tag balance

  • If you are an SBI Fastag Holder you just need to login SBI Bank Fastag Portal or by typing
  • Then it will take you to the homepage of fastag by login in with your id and password.
  • Then it will take you to your fastag profile through which you can click on my fast tag balance.
  • Last it will show you the remaining balance at your request.

Step By Step ICICI Fastag Balance:

  • If you are an ICICI Fastag holder then you can go to the web page by Clicking Here .
  • Select Account Type> Login And Password> Account Details.
  • Once You Enter into the account details you will find out your remain balance for fastag.

Step By Step HDFC Fastag Balance:

  • If you are an HDFC Bank Fastag Holder then you just have to go to the Link then it will redirect you to official HDFC fastag page.
  • Then you need to type the login details such as ID and password then it will take you to the Your Fastag Profile.
  • By Clicking on my profile, you can see all the details including your fastag balance.

Step By Step Paytm Fast tag Balance:

  • Paytm users can Click Here. 
  • Which will take you to the paytm fastag portal where you can scan the QR code from your mobile or you can easily login with your ID and Password.
  • Which will take you to the fastag profile where you can find out all the details including the fastag balance.

Step By Step My Fastag  App Balance:

In this, I am going to show you how to check fasttag balance using My fastag app.

  • Firstly download the My fastag app from the android play store or from the IOS store.
  • By Clicking on the login page which is on the right side which will lead you to enter your login details and make you enter into the profile portal.
  • There you can easily find out the existing details such as payment history and the balance too.