A Fastag bought from one bank can be recharged through that particular bank only and not through other banks. However, tags sold/distributed by NHAI are bank-neutral as one can use any bank account to recharge/top up the value in the tag. A copy of the vehicle registration certificate and photo of the vehicle owner and KYC documents are enough to get a Fastag from NHAI, said officials. Banks may seek certain additional documents. The tags issued by various banks are available at e-commerce portals like Amazon and Paytm.  27,000 points of sale have also been set up by 22 banks and the National Highways Authority of India. Fastag Chandigarh Will have one fastag agents in Chandigarh/110033 we will discuss all the related details such as mobile number, email id, and full address.

At NHAI counters, set up in Road Transport Authority offices, transport hubs, bank branches, and selected petrol pumps, the tag was free until December 1.

Vehicles entering Fastag lanes without Fastag will be charged twice the toll amount.

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Chandigarh POS List With All Details:

toll plaza fastag chandigarh



You can also obtain fastag at Chandigarh Highway at any Toll plaza fastag where you will find out many fastag sale points by the related banks.

Fastag NHAI Toll Tag Wallet Statement:

fastag toll plaza list

The above image, you can see the Number of charges deducted at the time of fastag toll plaza exit.

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NHAI Dappar Toll Plaza Charges:

road tax in chandigarh

Road Tax in Chandigarh has been the same before the usage of fastag. No changes in Chandigarh highway toll plaza fastag. You can get the data easily in the above payment receipt.

National Highways Authority of India M/s GmR Ambala Chandigarh Expressways Pvt Ltd. Toll Plaza Name :DAPPAR TOLL PLAZA at[Km 23+080 on NH-152 (OLD NH-22)] [Km 5+735 to 39+960 on NH-152 (OLD NH-22,. [Km 00+000 to 0+871 on NH-105 (OLD NH-21, Ticket No. :205086352 Booth & Operator No :LA02 Txxxx Date & Time :31/01/2020 15:41:43 Vehicle No. :[HR857472] Type of Vehicle :Car/Jeep Type of Journey :Fastag Compl. S) Fee . P40.00 “Non Compliance Charges: P 40.00

only for overloaded vehicle, Standard Wt.of vehicle : 0 Kg. Actual wt. Of vehicle: Kg. Overloaded vehicle Fees:? 0.00 Total:t 80.00
All Toll Payments via FASTAG Only W.e.f 15 Dec 2019 WISH YOU SAFE & HAPPY JOURNEY!


All these details are only for information purposes.