Digital payment collection at Toll plaza i.e Fastag toll collection system has been set more than 527 national Highways in the country. Fastag Delhi NHAI Fastag can be purchased from all the national highways plaza, oil stations, concerned banks and at Amazon website. Fastag Point of sale station which can be found in all the states of India.

Point Of Sale In Fastag Delhi:

Fastag point of sale near me can be searched in my Fastag app or in the official NHAI WEBSITE  by just typing your state, city or by just typing your Pincode. Fastag POS near me in Delhi State With given all the details of Agents Full address with Phone number and email ID.

fastag Pos near me delhi

We have gathered Fastag point of sale station from all the reliable sources to find out all the Fastag Delhi including all the states through which it will ease you to find and get or recharge or login Fastag easily and get the Fastag agents.


Fastag Delhi Point Of Sale(POS):


fastag agents point of sale

Here you can get all the details which were released by the Central Government of India and NHAI such as Fastag agents, Toll plaza near me and Fastag POS near me with their area Pincode, address, email and mobile number that can ease you to find out your nearest Fastag Toll plaza list.

First Give call a missed on 8884333331 from Registered Mobile number for free Balance Enquiry of NHAI Prepaid Wallet.

NHAI toll Plaza list is included all the ICICI Banks you can search at the Link  Given. So, by using ICICI Fastag registration you can get your Fastag easily.

You can buy Fastag by using My Fastag App or by purchasing it on Amazon Website.

Besides You Want To Know How To Do IDFC Fastag Login Then CLICK HERE.

Documents Required:

The required documents, while you are going to the Fastag POS station, are as follows:

  • Owner Vehicle With Vehicle Registration Certificate(RC).
  • Pan Card and Aadhar Card for address.
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • Bank account if required.

Benefits Of Fastag:

  • It makes you save fuel and time by minimizing the time of lagging traffic at Toll plazas and make you easier to pass through toll plazas.
  • It gives message alerts all over the time as you pass through the toll plazas.
  • It makes you an easy transaction and you get detail information on how much money got expenditure on tolls.
  • You can easily recharge online such as net banking, Credit/Debit Card, NEFT and UPI payments.
  • No need to carry cash all the way long.
  • Not Only Cash Less Transactions Customers can get offers from all the Fastag service providers.

How To Surender / Return Fastag:

  • In case you want to surrender/ return the Fastag you need to give a written request form such as cancellation/ surrender or closure of tag with existing tag.
  • If in the case of damage or any other concern one should reach the nearest POS and return to take a new one.
  • If the customer dies the legal heir has to claim the refund among all the related documents such as death certificate, etc.
  • In some cases, the fastag will get stolen. So, in that case, one has to call the customer care number and block the tag calling with a registered number.

All in all, while the move has been enforced with noble intent, its enforcement has been too hasty and unplanned. Likewise, customers are likely to take time before they actively adapt to the change, and the government too will hopefully be considerate of the people’s limitations and their need for more time. Thus, the government may also introduce newer avenues and channels soon to educate the customer and ensure that Fastags are readily purchased and used by all frequent national highway users, to say the least.