Starting December 15 has become mandatory for toll payment on National Highways to enable electronic payments. The device employs Radio Frequency Identification (PFID) technology and is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. As soon as one crosses the plaza, the toll is automatically deducted from the prepaid/savings account linked to it and the owner is notified through an SMS alert. Valid for 5 years, a Fastag can be recharged as and when required. Further, we will discuss Complete Fast tag Sticker Such as How to stick fastag sticker on car and fastag Kyc Complete.

Fastag Sticker Details:

fastag sticker

  • Fastag trademark is nothing but a fastag logo which is on the left-hand side of the tag.
  • Antena helps the scanner to catch the exact point to be scanned while the vehicle moves into the plaza.
  • Tag Class which means the type of vehicle should be considered. I.e Class 4 Means Car / Jeep / Van Mapper Class – 4 Tata Ace or similar mini light commercial vehicle
  • Tag Color code represents the type of vehicle used for the tag. I.e this is a Violet color code tag that means this is a TATA ace/mini LCV Vehicle.
  • QR Code means Quick Responsive Code which helps the reader to read the required data which leads to Debit the amount from the fastag wallet.
  • TID Means Tag ID  or fastag wallet ID  which is a 24 number Unique Id for every Fastag User which represents their tag name and type of tag used in the vehicle.
  • If You Find Duplicate Fastag Sticker immediately Contact the NHAI Toll-Free Nuber 1033.
  • It Works on RFID Fastag  (Radio Frequency Identification Technology)

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Steps To Stick Fast tag Sticker On Car wind Shield:

fastag sticker on car


  • The first step is to remove the adhesive sticky tape oaf the tag.
  • Stick the fastag from the inside of the vehicle in the top middle of the windscreen or beside the rear mirror and press it gently to sticker all over the tag.
  • Always keep the adhesive to the backside of the tag.
  • Do not try to remove the fast tag Sticker in any case of possibilities.


rfid fastag

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Fastag Sticker KYC Process for Activation:

Fill up this form whenever you receive the Fastag (which you have purchased only through this app) at your delivery address which is sent by us.

1. Our executive will call you for OTP verification of your active mobile number.

2. We will activate your Fastag.

3. You will receive Id and Password through SMS. Use that to log in and recharge your Fastag.

4. Enter the email address through which you have ordered for Fastag.

After Buying Fastag when the tag gets delivered you need to do the Fastag KYC for making it activate.

  • Give a call or Email to authorized KYC updating agents to collect the KYC data from you.
  • Share the KYC details such as fast card order ID, Copy of Registration Certificate (RC) and address proof.
  • Then the fastag representative will activate the fastag for you.
  • You, Will, get the Confirmation messages as the fastag got activated.

Benefits of fastag:

The following are the benefits of using FASTags

  • Ease of payment No need to carry cash for the toll transactions saves time.
  • No stopping at Toll Plazas- Movement through Dedicated Fastag Lane at Toll Plazas Saves fuel and time Fastag is read by the tag reader at the plaza and the toll amount is deducted automatically when the vehicle approaches the toll plaza.
  • The vehicle with Fastag doesn’t need to stop at the toll plaza for the cash transaction Online Recharge Tag can be recharged online through debit Card/ Credit Card/ or Net banking.
  • SMS alerts Customer will receive SMS alerts on his/ her registered mobile number for toll transactions, low balance, etc.
  • Cashback Customers can available cashback of 2.5% on all toll payments using Fastag at all toll plazas along the National Highways and selected state toll plazas.

In This Fastag Wiki Post, we are going to show you all the detail history of fastag including all the reports, Graphs in sales ratio and no of banks issuing fastag. It is a cash-free vehicle tag that allows you to pay at toll booths without stopping by. Now, to get Fastag buy online at home without any difficulty. You Can log in to Into  @ NHAI Website or  IHMCL Website or you can download My Fastag App from the play store.

To Buy FASTas Offline through Common Service Centre (CSC) (Located near Toll Plazas).

Fastag Wiki: Fastag Sales Report.

fastag wiki

This graph shows the ratio between fastag sale with the date or year. As You Can See the fastag sales ratio from the year 2016 to the year 2019 is very much increased. In DEC 2016 sale was only one lakh but in Nov 2019 the sale was in 140 Lakhs which is 14 times greater than starting.

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fastag banks rise

And in this graph shows the ratio between fastag banks issuing fastag with the year. As you can see the banks issuing in the year 2016 were 4 but at the end of the year 2019 it was 22 banks. So, therefore you can analyze how much growth in all the related factor of fastag usage.

Fastag E-Statement After Crossing Toll:

fastag statement

The above Image shows the Fastag statement after using Dhareri Jattan toll, kalajhar toll, and Bhavdeen toll. The amount deducted while using fastag toll are 35rs, 85rs and 60 Respectively.

All Fastag Banks Issuing List With Fastag Customer Care:

Steps to place the Fastag on your windscreen:

  • Ensure that the vehicle windscreen is clean and dry.
  • Remove the adhesive tape from the tag.
  • Place the tag at the center of the vehicle’s windscreen from inside behind the rearview mirror.
  • Finally, the tag must appear like this on your windscreen.

Benefits Of Fastag:

  • No need to Carry cash for the toll payments. You don’t have to worry about keeping the change.
  • Use fastag and avoid slow-moving queues of cash paters al the plaza. You don’t waste time.
  • Instant SMS alerts for the transaction on your tag.
  • Various recharge options available: cash, cheque number (credit/debit cards, net banking, neft/Rtgs).
  • You get cashback benefits.
  • You save on fuel as its fast-moving.

Fastag is easy to utilize, a reloadable label that empowers programmed derivation of cost charges and how about we go through the cost square ceaselessly for your exchange. Fastag is connected to prepaid records from money the material cost sum and utilizes which is deducted. The label Radio-recurrence Identification (RFID) innovation for Electronic Toll Collection and is appended on the vehicle’s windscreen after the label account is dynamic. Below we will discuss Complete details on Airtel Fastag And Airtel Helpline Number.

Buy Online airtel Steps to Apply Fastag using online Or By Airtel App:

In order to apply for Airtel Fastag, you need to have a running airtel payment account.

  • Download and  Open Airtel thanks App Or Go the Official website Click Here.
  • Go to the home screen page and go for the reward section.
  • Click on the Airtel Payments Bank Fastag banner.
  • You need to upload your vehicle registration certificate scanned copy (front/back).
  • After successfully filling the process you need to wait 4-7 working days to tag deliver to your mailing address.
  • By successfully completion you will get 100 rs as a cashback of you are a first time user in your airtel payment bank wallet/ account after successful payment.

Airtel Customer Care No:Number If You Have Any Quires Related Airtel Fastag: 8800688006.

You Can Call Airtel Customer Care Number From Other Network Also.

For Calling Airtel helpline Number or Airtel Customer Care no from other network Call: 400.

Airtel Fastag Security Deposit amount for Fastag Users:


airtel fastag charges online

GST will be applicable to the aforementioned charges.

Tag Charges Accordingly To Fee Type:

airtel fastag internet charges

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You Can Apply Fastag through your Airtel store near me Service or by airtel near me Searching on google.

Recharge Fastag Using BHIM UPI App:


  1. Open BHIM UPI App in your mole phone.
  2. Select send option in the menu tab
  3. Enter BHIM the VIRTUAL ID in the below mentioned
  4. (format>> Enter amount>> Click “Send now”)
  5. Enter UPI PIN &Tag gets recharged
  6. VIRTUAL ID format: netcVEHICLE NUMBER@BankUPIHandle
Example: netc.MH23AB1234@sbi


Benefits Of Using Fastag:

1. The simplicity of installment – No compelling reason to convey money for the cost exchanges, spare time

2. The relentless development of vehicles prompting lower fuel costs.

3. Online Recharge – Fastag can be energized online through Credit Card/Debit Card/NEFT/RTGS or Net banking

4. SMS alarms for cost exchanges, low equalization, and so forth.

5. Online Portal for clients.

Documents Required:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  • Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Scanned Passport Size Photos.

fastag airtel debited message

Hello, You have paid Rs.450.00 towards Fastag purchase for vehicle KA2.489137. Avl Bal Rs.0.00. Txn ID: FT193461111111111NIN4. Rs.150 is reserved for FASTag. The tag will be delivered in 14 working days.

Complete Easy Steps To Recharge Fast tag:


Over 1.5 crore FASTag has been issued since the Indian government has implemented the toll collection which is run by NHAI.

National Payments Corporation of India said that customers can recharge NETC Fastags through BHIM UPI. Any UPI enabled mobile app would now give vehicle owners the opportunity to recharge their Fastag on the go and avoid queues at toll plazas. The National Electronic Toll Collection is a program designed to meet the electronic tolling needs of the Indian market.

Now you can recharge Fast tag through your BHIM UPI by just in a couple of clicks. Recharge Fastag using UPI I’d have been made simple and easy to use as the costumers need more convenience.

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Various Banks List For Recharge Fast tag With There UPI ID.

Airtel Payment Bank netc.VRN@mairtel
Axis Bank netc.VRN@axisabnk
Bank of Baroda netc.VRN@barodampay
City Union Bank netc.VRN@cub
EQUITAS Small Finance Bank netc.VRN@equitas
Federal Bank netc.VRN@fbl
Fino Payments Bank netc.VRN@finobank
HDFC Bank netc.VRN@hdfcbank
ICICI Bank netc.VRN@icici
IDFC Bank netc.VRN@idfcbetc
Indusind Bank netc.VRN@indus
Karur Vysya Bank netc.VRN@kvb
Kotak Mahindra Bank netc.VRN@kotak
Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. netc.VRN@nnsb
PayTM Payments Bank Ltd. netc.VRN@paytm
Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank netc.VRN@pmcb
Punjab National Bank netc.VRN@pnb
South Indian Bank netc.VRN@sib
State Bank of India (SBI) netc.VRN@sbi
Syndicate Bank netc.VRN@syb
Union Bank netc.VRN@ub
Yes Bank netc.VRN@yesbank

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Steps To Recharge With UPI:

  • Open BHIM App.
  • Select the send option.
  • Enter BHIM the VIRTUAL ID in the below mentioned.
  • (format>> Enter amount>> Click “Send now”.)
  • Enter UPI PIN &Tag gets recharged.
  • VIRTUAL ID format: netcVEHICLE NUMBER@BankUPIHandle.
Example: netc.MH23AB1234@sbi

After recharge, you will get a message.

Dear (Customer Name), your Fastag account has been credited with 2000. Please contact your bank if you have not initiated this request.

Another Mode Of Payment Example:

Multiple Modes of Recharge— Axis USP
1. NEFT/ IMPS: Log into any bank’s Internet Banking/Mobile Banking App “Wallet ID Number or Vehicle Number in the account number field IFSC column. use UTIB0000ETC
2. Online: ( Select Retail Road User and Login Go to Road User Center > Payment And Top Up > Recharge Recharge through net banking. credit card and debit card
3. UPI: netc. <10 digit Registered Vehicle Number>@axisbank
4. Auto Debit • Exiting Axis customers can set up through email to or at the time of issuance.