Under the One Nation One Fastag” scheme, the NHAI is trying to get states on board so that one tag can be used seamlessly across highways, irrespective of whether it is the state or the Centre that owns/manages it. Recently POS Haryana signed MoUs with the Centre to accept Fastags in state highways as well.

Don’t Wait, Don’t Stop on any fastag toll booth. Cross the booth like A Boss. Use Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) approved by N.H.A.I and the central Government. Sources said that the state public works department has sent a file on implementing the Fastag system to the Some Sources have been said that the requirements of fastag have been sent to the Chief Minister Of Haryana for considering the fastag in the whole state to implement.

Fastag had been conceived of India as a complete, digital, cashless alternative to the cash-based national highways toll payment and collection system prevalent all these years. Union Minister for Roads, Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari had announced last year that tag would become mandatory and completely replace cash-based toll payments December 1, 2019, onwards. As the public was not ready after the sudden announcement, the ministry later extended the deadline to buy and use it to December 15, 2019, and which has now been extended till January 1 5, 2020.

Haryana POS List With All Details:

 POS Near Me POS Near Me

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Highway Toll Plaza Receipt Details:

fastag toll plaza

National Highways Authority of India
Panipat Jalandhar NH-1 Tollway
Toll Plaza:Karnal (KM111.000 on NH-01)
Section: 96.000KM-206.000KM On NH-01
BST-06AAMCS187961ZL, SAU-996/42
Ticket No : 580E5F800xxxxx
Booth & Operator: 32 & 00592
Date&Time 01.02.2020 16:32
Vehicle :7000
Vehicle: No.
Type of Journey: Single
Rs : Rs 125
Pending 0
Only for Overloaded Vehicle
Standard Weight of Vehicle: 12000 KG
Class we19nt of vehicle 0 KG
Actual Weight of Vehicle 1150 KG
Overweight Vehicle Fees Rs 0
All toll payments via Fastag ONLYa
W.e.f. 15th December 2019
Wish You Safe & Happy Journey.

Without Fastag you will get this type of payment receipt

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Benefits Of Using Fastag By Using POS:

  • From 1st December as per the rules of RTO, it is compulsory for all 4 wheelers or heavy vehicles or else pays penalty.
  • Customers may place a request to either close the RFID Tag or Wallet. Suspend Request: To place a request for a temporary closure of the RFID Tag and Wallet.
  • Saving of Money, Fuel and Time.
  • First time in the history of Road Transportation 7.5% Cash Back on all Toll Booth.
  • Fastag is having own lane at all Toll Booth Pan India with the name of ETC.
  • You can easily find out Fastag POS Near Me.
  • Easy to recharge your Fastag wallet through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and IMPS.
  • Receive SMS on the spot at the time of crossing any Toll Booth.
  • In future government will make this process compulsory so why don’t you start today.
  • Know the Fastag status is made easy by the NHAI.
  • Get Your Fastag through My Fastag App Or buy it on Amazon.